• Torch Creative
  • Brad Bishop
  • Michael Thurman

On August 1st, 2005, Brad Bishop and Michael Thurman opened the doors to Torch Creative in Dallas, Texas.

Our initial projects and experience for a variety of clients have resulted in top-tier agencies, studios and companies around the country contracting Torch Creative to develop branding programs for a wide variety of clients, ranging from professional sports leagues and collegiate institutions to upstart business ventures.

Torch Creative's portfolio includes programs for clients such as the National Hockey League, Collegiate Licensing Company, the National Basketball Association and the City of Southlake, Texas, and we are pleased to be continually adding to our client base.

Torch Creative continually strives to produce new, innovative and impacting identity programs, graphic design and creative development for all of our clients. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your company in providing you with your own unique creative solution.

Brad Bishop is a 1995 graduate of East Texas State University’s award winning design department with a degree in Communication Arts and a double minor in Illustration and Journalism. Brad began his career at an environmental design studio where he and Mike Thurman met and worked together. He then quickly moved to a larger agency taking on larger design roles and creative responsibilities. During his tenure at two Dallas agencies, Brad worked his way up from Art Director to Creative Director. He was instrumental in developing many programs for top-tier clients such as ESPN, Miller Beer, AT&T, Nokia and many others. Before Brad left the agency world to start Torch Creative, he took on the role of starting an in house creative design department at a nationally recognized Dallas based agency. Brad played a pivotal role in putting in place the creative procedures to help keep the agency’s design needs in house. Brad oversaw all aspects of the design department from concept development to final deliverables.

Brad and Michael share many of the responsibilities at Torch Creative. Everything from concept development, to design execution, to client presentation, illustration needs and final artwork production. Brad is a well seasoned in the procedures and dedication it takes to develop a truely unique product for Torch Creative’s clients, start to finish.

Michael Thurman graduated from Texas Tech University in 1994 with a degree in Design Communication and a double minor in Illustration and Packaging Design. Before founding Torch Creative, Michael’s career responsibilities included concept and design development, illustration and production for print and web-based projects for clients including Nokia, Bank of America, ESPN, Gatorade and Quaker Oats. While acting as Creative Director or Associate Creative Director for a number of Dallas-based agencies, Michael presided over a variety of successful sales promotional, design and branding programs.

As co-founder of Torch Creative, Michael shares creative development, direction and execution of all Torch project responsibilities with Brad Bishop and is dedicated in providing unique solutions for the creative needs of all Torch clients.

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